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        a professional IT consulting firm, provides
a full range of services for Analytics, Data Visualization and Information Delivery projects.
Formed in 2001 and based in Milan, it specializes in helping companies to turn data into information for competitive advantage - utilizing corporate data to increase efficiency, improve performance and maximize profitability.

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To help our clients adopt information-driven solutions to achieve their business goals. We understand the demands from the business point of view, then we develop software and implement technology that meets these needs.


We design, implement, and support BI solutions and the related business processes throughout their entire lifecycle. We help our clients improve analysis, reporting and planning at all levels of the company. The focus can be enterprise-wide, within a department, or on a specific business activity. Using business analysis experience and leading technologies we are able to:

Thanks to the numerous projects to which Elikon has dedicated itself, efficient methodologies has been developed to face client's needs, being able to change them into a competitive advantage.

Areas of expertise

Elikon boasts a qualified team of professionals with wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the provision
of information-based solutions. The most important experiences range in:

As an independent company, Elikon is also able to offer strategic advice and recommendations for the introduction of new technologies to your organisation.

Contact us

For further information, please contact:   info@elikon.it

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